Give your brain a short workout with a set of fun riddles! These insane pictures will test your vision and wake up your brain! Easy short riddles warm up your brain, more difficult brain teasers give your brain a nice workout. If you can stay focused while solving riddles, then you’re probably good at mobilizing yourself!

00:14 – Who is the killer? A logic riddle on crime to test your critical thinking!
01:29 – Boost your attentiveness and test your vision with these visual puzzles! What number is hidden here?
03:30 – How did Brad guess that his girlfriend was cheating on him with his friend? Check out this brain teaser and test your logic!
04:40 – An intriguing visual puzzle to test your brain power and make you think outside the box! You will have to strain your eyes and tease your brain to find out where the pieces of evidence can be left. If you find all of them, then you’re an incredibly observant one who isn’t easy to trick at all!
05:46 – If you want to test your vision and increase your attention, check out these visual puzzles and try to find all the hidden animals!
07:25 – Does her husband lie? Was he cheating on her? Test your logic and critical thinking with this tricky riddle!
08:48 – A logic brain teaser to increase your IQ and boost your intelligence! Try to solve it before the time is up!
10:02 – Let’s check how good your eyes are? This optical illusion test will show if your vision is sharp and your brain can detect different layers in multi-layered images. If you can cope with at least half of the tasks, your brain is still young and flexible and the vision is as sharp as the one of a hawk. Don’t lose it!
12:02 – Who is her lover? Improve your analytical skills and critical thinking with these short visual puzzles!
14:01 – Where is his lover hiding? A visual brain teaser to test your attentiveness!

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS what kind of riddles is your favorite!

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